Volunteer: Hassocks Scouts needs YOU!

We are always keen to hear from people who are interested in volunteering to help us run 1st Hassocks Scouts.

Volunteering falls into five distinct groups:-

Adult Leaders

Our adult leaders are often those with a lifelong association with Scouting, often parents of Beavers, Cubs or Scouts, with a number continuing to volunteer even after their own children have long since left.

Uniformed leaders are incentivised with a reduction in subscription costs for their own children, and are provided with a uniform and free training opportunities.

May 2022: 1st Hassocks Scouts are looking for a new Group Scout Leader, to take over from our current, long-serving GSL. Could you help us? The GSL role does not need to done by someone with a background as a scout leader. It’s more of a management role supporting the leaders and the executive committee to help make the group as good as possible. 

The main tasks are:

1/ Ensuring the scout group thrives and has the best systems in place to support adult volunteers.

2/ Provide line management and support to the leaders in the group.

3/ Ensure there is an adequate team in place.

4/ Ensure there is a challenging, exciting and balanced programme is offered to the young people in the group.

5/ Work with other groups and District to support scouting locally.

There is award winning training and support available to help the successful candidate settle into the role.

Are you a manager in your job? Do you think you could take on this role? Or do you know someone who has recently retired or is on a career break /maternity leave etc. who would like to enhance their skills and CV whilst helping a local community group?

If you’re interested, and would like to have an informal chat to discuss, please do contact our current GSL Bill Whitehead on 01273 845649 or gsl@1sthassocksscouts.org.uk Bill will enthusiastically work with you on a handover and as a deputy or mentor if wanted.

Parent/Carer helpers

Being able to assist or run a broad, inclusive and engaging programme for young people is wholly dependent on the help we get from parents, grandparents, and carers etc. As a parent/carer, we ask that you commit to a minimum of 2 sessions (evenings) per term as a helper.

Scouts are less interested in having their olds about, but there are still plenty of opportunities to help with what’s a more wide ranging programme for older children. Setting up and breaking down camps being one example.

We are also always on the lookout for local people who can come in and deliver a session related to their work or hobby. So, if you do something you think kids would be interested in do let us know.


Our Scout group could not run without the help of an executive committee who ensure that we fulfil all our legal obligations as a youth organisation, as well as make sure we can run orderly finances, keep the premises maintained, order badges, validate training and so on.


As we don’t currently have a Fundraising Committee, some of our adult helpers don their fundraising hats and co-ordinate our regular activities, such as Christmas Card Delivery and Supermarket Bag Packing. We would welcome further help and assistance to look at other opportunities to raise funds to support our activities. 

Young leaders

In the main our young leaders are drawn from older Scouts and Explorer Scouts, who run a young leaders programme. Our young leaders effortlessly engage and command the respect of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, so they play a valuable role in our leadership team. We’d be lost without them!

Do you think you could help us as a volunteer? Contact us if so!