Scouts and Monopoly Run Live 2020

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This year, the Scouts took part in Monopoly Run Live for the second time. This is a live-action event based on the classic board game, played out in London using real places.

It was an early start to the day for all, meeting at Hassocks Station at 07:20am. The game kicked off  at 9am at Waterloo Station, and this year over 4000 (yes FOUR THOUSAND) Scouts, Guides and Explorers from all over the UK took part.

Very few Commuter’s Plenty of Scouts, Explorers & Guides.

The Scouts were split into teams, and played in a game against 7 other teams (not each other).   This not only made it more fun than last year, but meant we could all share hints and secrets along the way (cheeky!).

Each team had a one-day Travelcard, so could use any form of transport available (apart from Boris bikes – always a big no no – and taxis).  Not only did we have the fun of playing the game, we had the added benefit of visiting all kinds of interesting parts of London.

As we travelled from one location to the next, there was always something fun to see and do. On “landing” at a location, we were given the option to (preferably) become the location’s landlords (yay!), or pay rent (boo!). This year, Chance Cards were introduced at each location, giving teams an extra chance to make (or lose) money.

Each team played the game via a mobile app, so  were able to “check-in” via GPS. There were also extra challenges and a quiz to play along the way to earn extra money. The challenges generally involved taking photos of the team doing something odd or tricky.

The winner of each game was the team with the most money. As teams were penalised with fines for any locations not visited, the pressure was on to get round as many as possible before the 5pm deadline. Hassocks’ teams used a variety of strategies to maximise the number of locations visited, including visiting all four railway stations at the start (well done, team Aston Martin!).

Here are some of the photos taken through the day by the various teams from 1st Hassocks