Group Scout Leaders Report 2018-2019

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In writing this year’s report I have tried to keep it brief and avoid repeating anything in the chairman’s report. That said I would like to thank all of the leaders, young and old for giving up their time, Brian for managing the equipment and the planning application, Paul for his efforts on OSM and Alick for overseeing the website.

Our leaders are what makes the group great fun for the young people, they provide support and encouragement in doing your best, be that in the everyday, in having fun or in achieving things never believed possible. This year we have said goodbye to a few in Jane, Gavin and Jenny but also welcomed in new faces such as Adam and Dan and welcomed back others like Teri.

As always, we can always find room for more to ensure we continue to provide up to date activities. Free award-winning training is available, and you don’t need to be Bear Grylls’s in order to be just who we want.

Over the next few years we may well run short of spaces in Scouts so if you are a cub or beaver parent now would be a good time to step up and secure the future of our troops or even help us achieve a goal of opening an new one.

If you don’t feel able to make the regular commitment of being in uniform how about helping out behind the scenes on the exec as a critical friend or as a treasurer or fund raiser applying for grants. Just think what we could do outside, a climbing wall, a shaded kitchen or herb garden if we had the money.

Talking of money, we lost some regular hall hirers last year so if you know of anyone who may like to hire the hall during the day please do persuade them to get in touch.

As a group we have really started to utilise OSM (on-line scout manager) to the full we plan our programs on it, we keep our record on it, we collect our subs, camp fees etc. via it and you the parents can look at some of the information via my-scout. It is however only as good as the information that is entered and to comply with GDPR I would urge you at the start of another scouting year to log on and double check that everything is up to date, no new mobile number??

My favourite part of the evening is celebrating our young people. This year I am not announcing the section nominations as there are just too many stars to name. For scout of the year however there can be only one, so this year’s winner is:              Sam Barclay

Sam really enjoys scouting and gives 100% to everything he does.

He has helped and attended all our activities and camps throughout the year.

These include Monopoly Run, Spring Camp, District Cooking Competition, Downslink sponsored Bike ride and Summer Camp.

Sam’s future plans are to complete his Chief Scouts award which will include a 2-day expedition hike in October.

He is a great role model for the newer scouts in the troop and we wish him every success for the future.’

William Whitehead

1st Hassocks GSL