Chair’s Report for 2018-2019

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Again, I am very happy to report yet another hugely successful Scouting year for all sections of the Group in Hassocks.

On behalf of the Young People, Executive, and parents, I would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all the Uniformed Leaders, Assistants and anyone who has helped in any capacity for their help and enthusiasm over the last 12 months. Without these Leaders and Helpers, the Group would not be as successful as it is and the time and effort put in by these leaders and helpers far exceeds the time in Section meetings, that is the ‘visible part’ of Scouting. We must never forget that they are all volunteers, and that the time and expertise they bring to the Group is reflected in the continuing success of Scouting in all sections in our village.

Bill Whitehead, as Group Scout Leader, is to be congratulated on his team of leaders and the wonderful and varied programme of Scouting activates they offer in all sections

Brian Spencer continues in his roles as AGSL, Quartermaster and HQ Maintenance Manager, and his efforts in these last two functions ensure the Group’s assets are kept in tip top condition, and I would like to personally thank Brian for all his efforts.

As always, my thanks go to all the members of the Group Executive, which works unseen in the background to ensure that everything is in place for the “visible” parts of scouting to take place.

Sadly, the Fund-Raising Committee has disbanded but the Group will continue to undertake fund raising activities such as the Village Christmas Postal Service, Bag Packing in Budgens and other items the sections come up with.

The District Explorers (Age 14+) continue to use our Headquarters as a base and we wish them every success in their continued endeavours, and this section is the next in the chain as our Young People get older, and they are encouraged to go onto this older group to expand their personal development and experiences in Scouting.

We are one of the largest groups in the District with currently over 150 young people Scouting in Hassocks. We have a waiting list for starters that stretches to June 2025, with names being added within days of birth! This is indicative of the popularity and quality of Scouting in Hassocks and reflects well on the Leadership Team. We are always on the lookout for new Leaders and Helpers and it is a very satisfying job with loads of Fun

Our plans to upgrade the Cladding on the Headquarters building should be actioned over the Autumn Half Term, subject to planning permission being granted, which will help with protection against the weather but more importantly make us more energy efficient and help reduce running costs. This will complete the refurbishment of the building (which has seen the replacement of the roof, upgraded the Lighting, replacement of the Heating system, replacement of the Toilets, replacement of the windows and doors and the addition of Disabled access and exit, and will then only leave an upgrade of the internal decoration.

We as a Group and Executive are conscious of the fact that everything we do is for the benefit of the young people, and it gives us all great pleasure and a sense of achievement when we see such enthusiasm and commitment to Scouting. It is very pleasing to see the Young People take full advantage of everything we are able to offer, both at County, District, Group and Section level.

Michael Buss

Group Chair