Scouts and Monopoly Run Live 2020

This year, the Scouts took part in Monopoly Run Live for the second time. This is a live-action event based on the classic board game, played out in London using real places.

It was an early start to the day for all, meeting at Hassocks Station at 07:20am. The game kicked off  at 9am at Waterloo Station, and this year over 4000 (yes FOUR THOUSAND) Scouts, Guides and Explorers from all over the UK took part.

Very few Commuter’s Plenty of Scouts, Explorers & Guides.

The Scouts were split into teams, and played in a game against 7 other teams (not each other).   This not only made it more fun than last year, but meant we could all share hints and secrets along the way (cheeky!).

Each team had a one-day Travelcard, so could use any form of transport available (apart from Boris bikes – always a big no no – and taxis).  Not only did we have the fun of playing the game, we had the added benefit of visiting all kinds of interesting parts of London.

As we travelled from one location to the next, there was always something fun to see and do. On “landing” at a location, we were given the option to (preferably) become the location’s landlords (yay!), or pay rent (boo!). This year, Chance Cards were introduced at each location, giving teams an extra chance to make (or lose) money.

Each team played the game via a mobile app, so  were able to “check-in” via GPS. There were also extra challenges and a quiz to play along the way to earn extra money. The challenges generally involved taking photos of the team doing something odd or tricky.

The winner of each game was the team with the most money. As teams were penalised with fines for any locations not visited, the pressure was on to get round as many as possible before the 5pm deadline. Hassocks’ teams used a variety of strategies to maximise the number of locations visited, including visiting all four railway stations at the start (well done, team Aston Martin!).

Here are some of the photos taken through the day by the various teams from 1st Hassocks

Our JOTI 2019 Map

Here are all the locations we have spoken to in this year’s JOTI

Section Reports AGM 2018-2019


This year the beavers have been a bit more adventurous compared to previous years. We started out the year slowly by doing things like Disability Awareness and celebrating the Chinese New Year, before trying a new and exciting activity which was Geocaching. We did this around Hassocks, and it helped to introduce the Beavers to orienteering type skills.

As the weather improved, we ventured outdoors for some Hikes. We went to the Chattri, we had a scavenger hunt around Adastra Park and a Meadow Walk at Pyecombe Golf Club.

This year the Beavers got to attend the one day Go Beavers event at Blacklands farm. Which was full of fun with games, craft making, climbing walls, bush craft, tree ropes and many other activities. The day had almost perfect weather if a little warm at times

We ended the year off with our most adventurous activity to date, Paddle Surfing and Yachting at Hove Lagoon. This was not only a fantastic activity but this time the weather conditions where perfect.

Looking to the future, we are hoping to continue with having more new experiences and adventures that the Beavers will hopefully remember with fondness when they think back to their time within Scouting.


This year Cubs started out with the Annual swimming games and Gala.

Tie dying T shirts proved to be lots of fun!

We enjoyed our annual London trip, once again staying in Docklands on a converted ice breaker ship, with a Visit to the Postal museum was far more interesting and lots more fun than a lot of the Cubs feared. We then enjoyed a different take on Mother’s Day this year by using power tools to create the gifts.

In the summer term the cubs really enjoyed making ARMPIT Fudge, this was not only a tasty first for us but very mess and enjoyed by all. The Cubs enjoyed the sun with several outdoor activities ranging from hiking to the chattri to doing bash craft at Woods Mill.

Many of the cubs had a fantastic time at the Annual Dads and Cubs camp which we held a lot earlier this year than normal due to the County Cub Camp in September. We had fantastic weather all term and before finishing of the year with a bounce by visiting to Jump in, a trampoline fun park.

Looking forward we will be starting the year with the County Camp which will be great fun we hope to do a lot more adventures stuff that we have already booked and have exciting ideas for next year’s London Trip as well as the Dads and Cubs camp


2019 has been a busy year in scouts with our year starting with the district raft race last September and ended with climbing last term.

The other district events we’ve taken part in this year included the quiz and checkpoint challenge hike in January, swimming gala in February where we came in position 4th and 7th, the 24 hour challenge in March where 3 of our scouts took part and the cooking competition in April where scouts have just a week to learn a recipe and then have to cook in teams of 4 without any help and present a 4 course dinner to a judging panel. We did really well, coming joint 3rd and 5th and being the only group in the district to have two teams.

A new event in our programme was the Monopoly Run up in London. Lots of miles clocked up racing from location to location whilst seeing the sites.

We continued with our exciting camps including a toothbrush camp in September where scouts brought minimal equipment, a gadget camp in October, one of our most popular events of the year the Children in Need Sleepover where the scouts assemble here with lots of cardboard and made shelters outside to sleep in all night. As well as having a huge amount of fun and trying to keep warm they raised a very impressive £1,371 for the charity. Many thanks to all of you who supported and sponsored our Scouts. We also added a new cycle camp to our programme, where scouts cycled from Shoreham to Guildford and raised over £1500, with a date for next year already in discussion. Our last camp this summer was at Broadstone Warren where the scouts had an opportunity to try new activities.

The end of term meeting is always memorable, and this year included ice skating at Brighton Pavilion at Christmas and bowling in the marina in the spring, which entered the scouts into the worldwide jamboree. A total of 1102 teams took part and we came 105th, 129th, 154th and 180th.

We also try to help around the village include the bag packing in Budgens’s in December and litter picking during our hikes and will be repeating this again this year.

Badges covered included astronomy, rifle shooting, electronics, model maker with robot wars, pioneering and knots which including investing new scouts by making them walk the bridge they made, local knowledge, DIY where we made the pallet chairs outside and last term we ran a practical first aid evening where we need to apologise again for sending your scouts home covering in fake blood stains.

As leaders we get very proud to see our scouts grow in confidence and enjoy the activities we plan out. We are particularly proud of two individuals who have taken their scouting experiences to a larger level, one training with the National Scout Rifle Team and one getting selected to join the district team and go to Poland for the European Jamboree next year

Checkpoint Challenge
Scouts on Checkpoint Challenge

On Saturday 26th January four teams from Scouts joined in with 21 others from across Mid-Sussex district to take part in Checkpoint Challenge, which took place up in Ashdown Forest. Our teams came 10th, 17th and 18th in total.

The challenge is a great way for Scouts to work completely independently, without assistance from leaders. Working from an initial map location, the navigate to a checkpoint and the once they have completed the challenge they get given a grid reference or compass bearing to the next checkpoint, which they navigate to using their map.

The challenges are varied. Some cover traditional Scouting knowledge and common badge work, such as knot tying, identifying weather patterns and clouds etc., whereas others included tasks such as a pop quiz, or identifying crisp flavours.

Packing bags at Budgens
A Budgens carrier bag

On 15th December, a number of Scouts gave up their Saturday morning to help run our annual fundraiser, packing customers bags at Budgens.

We raised £403.35, none of which would have been possible without the support of everyone who donated, and the kind support of Nick Knight.