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Our Joti 2020 map

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Here are all of the areas around the world that 1st Hassocks Scouts have been able to speak with fellow Scouts in during Joti 2020.

Cubs adventures in London for the 2020 Lord Amory trip!

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This year’s trip to London took place over the weekend of February 29th to March 1st 2020. These London  trips are always great fun for the Cubs and a great chance to do something a bit different, like sleeping over on a Boat.

The Lord Amory was an old ice breaker that has been converted for the Scout Association to run water activities

The Lord Amory is located in the London docks surrounded by the skyscrapers of Canary wharf and the 02 Arena.

On the Saturday the Cubs not only enjoyed a Train ride up to London, the Tube and DLR to get around but a fun filled 3 hours at KidZania near Shepherds Bush, this facility has been designed purely for Children where they can sample and try various trades/professions. (Just like us on the 9 to 5 parts of our life but undertaken in a very child friendly way). As recompense for their efforts they can earn Kidzos, this being the Currency that is accepted there. The Cubs get to choose what they want to do and when they want to do it, and then they can decide whether they want to save up as much Kidzos as possible or spend it as quick as possible, all in the name of Fun!

Then it was off to the Lord Amory via the DLR for Pizza and a film before obviously a late night .

On the Sunday, the Cubs were treated to a Full English Breakfast before packing their kit to be taken  home while they stayed in London for more fun.

They enjoyed a lovely walk over the Docks and through the middle of the skyscrapers before running in to the London Half marathon, this did surprise the leaders a little as they didn’t realise it was on (or didn’t admit it was on) but made for a great bit of viewing and cheering. An interesting diversion through Canary Wharf shopping centre. Then back to the  DLR and Tube to The Postal Museum in Islington. This is far more fun than it sounds and we get to go on the old Mail Rail, a smaller version of the Tube. These mail trains ran to some of the major railway stations in central from 1927 – 2003. The aim was to collect & deliver mail bags to the sorting offices to save going through the congested streets of central London. If you wish to visit you will see some of the old sorting offices & stations that trains stopped at.

This is just one of the many interesting things to see at the Postal Museum.

Once we were all done with the Postal museum, we had a nice walk though some of old London to Farringdon station to get the train home, this is just highlights some of the many fun things the Cubs get to do!

Look out for more Story’s from the Cubs and their adventures.